peggi_batcheck_0031Peggi Batcheck is an award-winning artist who has exhibited her transparent watercolors since 1998. Educated at The College of Mount St. Joseph, Peggi subsequently studied design, figure drawing, and art history at The Ohio State University and The Columbus College of Art and Design.

Reflecting upon the early influences that contributed to her life as an artist, Peggi sees her role as a daughter of two blind parents as pivotal.  They relied upon Peggi for detailed observations and descriptions from the earliest age.  Using words Peggi would “paint pictures of the visual world for them”. Through this process she learned to deeply study the objects before her, a process she continually employs in the painting of her realistic still lifes.

For the artist, painting in the realist tradition is about the process of exploring, of perceiving much of what is often overlooked. It is about discovering the abstract within the real, and of finding the balance between control of a wonderful but unpredictable medium and its happy accidents.

Viewers of Peggi’s paintings experience an awareness of the beauty that in everyday life might slip by their observations.  It is her joy when others can see the way her parents saw -“with the eyes of their hearts”.

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